ACARA 2020, Nanjing, China

The 9th Asian Contest of Architectural Rookie's Award
The 9th Asian Contest of Architectural Rookies Award

AUA will plan to hold ACARA 2020 in Nanjing, China for all students who are studying architecture design in Asia, aiming to provide high-quality education in architecture by stimulating a creative will and a competitive spirit of goodwill.
It will be a good opportunity to bring out your potential ability and to improve your ability of architectural design.


The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 spreads to Asia and the whole World. “Mountains and rivers on any foreign land, With wind and moon under the same heaven stand. (山川異域,風月同天)”, the two poetic lines written in Japan’s aid boxes deeply touch the hearts of the Chinese people. These eight Chinese characters were firstly embroidered on the robes of Buddha's clothing of the Japan's Prince Nagaya’s gifts to the Emperor Xuanzong in the Tang Dynasty (the 8th.Century). At this special moment, they not only marked the timely assistance of medical supplies, but also aroused the emotional resonance of the Chinese and Japanese people. It is a cultural force that spans time and space.

Asia has the longest civilization and the richest culture in the human history. The Silk Road, the Ancient Tea Horse Trade, Jianzhen’s (Ganjin’s) Sea Journey to the East, the White Horses’ Transfer of Buddhist Texts... Historically, cultural exchanges and disseminations connected Asia's vast land and diverse nations, and also formed the development process of multi-source convergence of Asian architecture. In recent centuries, the world has undergone the course of modernization based on Western civilization. Knowledge, technology, material, and information have all grown exponentially. However, this "universal civilization"of unitary value, commodification, and consumerism has irreversibly eroded diverse cultural resources across the world.

As the significant carrier of culture, architecture is the most comprehensive representation of regional culture. The theme of the Asian Contest of Architectural Rookie’s Award 2020, "Culture, Bridging the Region and History", calls on Asian architecture students to draw their source and strength from their native cultural backgrounds, trace the cultural roots of their locality, and inherit the cultural genes of their nations. Through design and thinking, you are encouraged to touch people’s hearts, communicate with their emotions, and re-establish the cultural identity of places, times, and people in an era of turbulent changes.

Prof. Zhang Tong, Dean, School of Architecture, Southeast University, China


  1. The contest is open to architecture students at undergraduate level except for final-year students as of November 2020, enrolled in universities in Asian countries and regions.
  2. Entries must be works by assignment given or had been given in your university, or works submitted to contests accepted by AUA. You can use either an assignment in 2020 or an assignment in the past.
  3. Entries to the contest must be original works that have not been previously published or submitted to any other competitions.
  4. Entries must be individual works. Collective works are not allowed to submit.
  5. The official language of the contest is English.
  6. All entrants agree to allow the organizer to use their names and the images of their entries for the purpose of publication.