Message from president

AUA opens the way to the future of Asian Architecture.

AUA is international and professional architect’ s group which is organized by 17 Asian countries. As we now face the era of ASIA, this is the best formation we have prepared while we are proceeding to a discussion for a long time. AUA is not authoritarian organization but brisk group with broad presence. Asian emerging countries are growing rapidly in terms of building and development, but there are some problems that must be settled in order to accomplish further growth.

We are aiming at mature design of architecture and city, based on creative concept and method with cultural context, which are rich in wisdom and knowledge all the more for this time and age.

We are cherishing the collaboration beyond the boundaries of nation, dicipline, industry regarding architecture as a culture.

AUA will work towards promoting the collective effort in visualising the future of Architecture in Asia. This will be done through the sharing of the best design, knowledge, technology and know-how.

Our projects are focusing on the practice and education in architecture. We provide a high-quality education and creative design to various types of architecture and city in a wide range of fields such as urban master planning and resort facilities, memorial building, shopping mall, high-rise housing, single house, park, shop.

One of the goal is to make a new city which can be a new theory of urban design in the near future cohering the Asian culture. And the other is to establish a online school for educating the young architect who can design the high-quality building in Asia. In order to reach the goal of a school we plan to publish the book and text book on the theory and history of architecture in Asia. There are 4 types of activities of AUA : design, education, collaboration, research & study.

We believe that we can develop architecture in Asia together with integration of organization, sharing goal, and completeness of business.

Asia United Architecture Association
President YOUNGIL LEE (Ph.D)