Establishment and purposes of AUA

The purpose of AUA Association shall be, by means of pairing education with practice in architectural design, to conduct businesses creating platform that Asian country can achieve sustained growth and development together through creative cultural collaborations, which establishes rich networking associated with Asian architecture and intends mobility among students, architects, educator, researcher, business operator related with architectural design.

AUA vitalizes the architecture in Asian country

AUA will work towards promoting the collective effort in visualising the future of Architecture in all the participating Asian countries. This will be done through the sharing of the best design, knowledge, technology and know-how wherever it may be found.


Standing Comittee

  • Management and Operations Committee
  • Public Relations Information Committee
  • Collaboration Special Committee
  • Commissioned Projects Committee
  • International Exchange Committee
  • Editorial and Publishing Committee
  • Contest Organizing Committee
  • Architectural Planning Committee
  • Education Planning & Research Committee
  • Tropical Architecture Committee
  • Fund Planning and Management Committee

Organization Chart


Asia United Architecture Association
Address:29-27-1006, 3Chome Nakatsu Kitaku, Osaka, Japan 531-0071

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