Membership Requirement

The member of the association shall be as required by the following:

  1. To understand the purpose of the association
  2. To have passion for the education and practice in the Asian architecture
  3. To respect the tradition and culture of Asian architecture
  4. To share with the same values or way of thinking that open the possibility of the Asian architecture
  5. Never to bring the religious and political ideology

Membership Qualification

AUA is an academic and professional membership organization. Achieving membership of AUA is a significant achievement that brings with it international recognition of professional status as a qualified, experienced, competent and committed professional. Achieving membership status is based primarily to engage inarchitecture as individual or corporation such as architectural design or engineering offices, developers, general contractors, building services contractors, building material traders, and others.

Membership Category

Individuals and corporations may become members in one of four categories: regular members (individuals and corporations), student members, and supporting members.

  1. Regular Member (Individual)
    An individual involved in architectural science, technology and art and who possesses the qualifications stipulated in the Bylaws of AUA.
  2. Regular Member (Corporation)
    A corporation such as architectural design or engineering offices, developers, general contractors, building services contractors, building material traders, and others, which are engaged in the architecture related business.
  3. Student Member
    An undergraduate student who has the intention to study architectural science, technology and art, and so on.
  4. Supporting Member
    Either an individual, a corporation or a group who supports the objective and activities of AUA.

Membership Fee

The current membership numbers and annual fees are listed below:

Membership Annual Fee
Regular Member
Regular Member
Student Member
Supporting Member
100 USD~
Free (for 1 year)

The fees may be paid either by bank transfer. Please make your payment in US Dollar.

Bank Transfer
Please remit the fees to the bank account mentioned below.
Any additional charges, remittance charge, etc. would be borne by you.

Currency: US Dollar
Intermediary Bank BIC [SWIFT Code]: BKTRUS33
Bank Name: Japan Post Bank
Branch: Head Office
Bank Address: 3-2, Kasumigaseki 1-chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8798, Japan
Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code): JPPSJPJ1
Beneficiary Bank CHIPS UID: 427593
Payee Account Number: 14090 - 36964911
Name of Payee Account Holder: ASIA UNITED ARCHITECTURE (AUA)

Membership Benefit

The greatest benefit of AUA membership is various information and business opportunity about architecture on both education and practice.
As a member of AUA, you'll enjoy countless other personal and professional benefits.
AUA provides many benefits for members, such as:

  1. Participation at all AUA activities
  2. Receipt of the yearly journal (charges for students)
  3. International exchange event for design, technology, knowledge, know-how
  4. Submission and presentation of papers in journal
  5. Submission and presentation of works for the AUA contest
  6. Application for design competition
  7. Presentation of research papers at Annual Convention
  8. Education and career development
  9. Business and Training Career Development
  10. International network construction on both education and business


How to Join AUA?
Any individual or corporation wishing to become a Member should submit the membership application form through the introduction of a Member, to obtain approval of the Board of Directors.
Membership becomes effective when admission and annual fees have been paid and the approval of the Board ofDirectors has been obtained.
If you wish to become a member of AUA, please send your application forms to the AUA Office by e-mail.

Send e-mail to

1. Regular Member
Membership Application Form (PDF)
Membership Application Form (MS-Word)

2. Student Member
Membership Application Form (PDF)
Membership Application Form (MS-Word)