Activities of AUA are Practice and Education which are creating virtuous circles in architecture.

AUA Practice

Implement all designs related to urban and architectural projects

AUA has completed a full range of urban and architectural design projects in Asia, from
master plans for urban development to resort facilities, memorial halls, shopping malls,
high-rise residential buildings, detached houses, parks, and retail stores.
AUA's business activities include the following three areas.
We connect MoU and collaborate with companies specialized in design, technology,
investment. And AUA's goal is to provide architectural designs with buzzworthy topic
and futuristic urban designs with dream in Asian countries.

AUA's Business Activities

1. Architectural Design, Urban Design
2. Collaboration with specialized companies
-Korea, Japan, Singapore etc.-
・ Smart City
・ Industrial Park Development
・ Theme park
3. Land Development Consulting, Land sales,
Attracting Investors
-Korea, Japan, Singapore etc.-

AUA Education

Oraganization of the internatioanl contest and events in the architectural design

In order to activate and develope Asian culture of architecture AUA holds an international contest,
ACARA (Asian Contest of Architectural Rookie’s Award), for the students studying in Asian university
and various events related with architectural design. This contest aims at competition in good faith
between students and improvement of works in architecture. There is a domestic contest that choose
the representative students of each country.
AUA coordinates domestic contests of each country and organizes ACARA. During the ACARA we have
exhibition of works and workshop with universities and lectures by famous architects and open jury.


The 6th ACARA in Bangkok, Thailand

The 3rd ACARA in Dalien, China


AUA connects MOU or MOA for collaboration with Companies and Universities.

AUA develops activities related to architectural practice and education
in Asian countries.
Depending on the business contents, AUA has signed MOUs to
cooperate with companies, including those from Japan and Korea,
especially in special and highly technical areas. And in order to hold
ACARA smoothly, we have concluded MOUs and MOAs with
architectural associations and more than 50 universities in Asian

Signing Ceremony of MOU

National University of Laos (Laos)

Korean Institute of Architects (Korea)

apa Incorporation (Laos)

Royal University of Fine Arts (Cambodia)

Petra Christian University (Indonesia)

solitos (Korea)

AUA Exchange

AUA is exchanging in a broad range of fields including art market, investment, building
material, infrastructure and so on.

With Vietnamese artists