Activities of AUA are divided into following 4 categories.

・AUA Design
・AUA Education
・AUA Collabo
・AUA R & S

AUA Design

The conduct of all designs related with
urban and architectural projects

AUA conducts all projects for urban and architectural design with Asian concept.And AUA provides skematic design, and CD, DD, master plan etc., in Asian country. AUA promotes to creat the new city with Asian concept as a ultimate goal in Asian country.

・Architectural design
・Urban planning
・Landscape design
・Interior design
・Product Design

・Building Permit
・Building verfication
・Construction Confirmation
・Concept Design
・Skematic Design

・CD (Construction Drawing)
・DD (Detail Drawing)
・CG, VR etc.,

AUA Education

Oraganization of the internatioanl
contest and events in the architectural design

In order to activate and develope Asian culture of architecture AUA holds an architectural contest for the students, and various events related with architectural design . The contest provides improvement of quality on the education of architecture.

・Providing the information on the high-qulity education of architecture
・Providing the oppotinities to participate in the contest
・Providing the archives on the contest
・Networking with universities and companies
・Academic Advising

AUA Collaboration

Collaboration between university and
company each other

AUA promotes academic and practical collaboration and international interaction between the university and company each other in order to share knowledge and technology and know-how through workshop and seminar, exhibition related with architecture. The topic is decided by board of AUA and members.

<Collaboration between:>
・University and University : workshop, seminar, lecture, exhibition, internship
・Company and Company : exchange meeting, networking event
・University and Company : training seminar, workshop, overseas posting

<International interaction>
・Architectural Design
・Construction Work
・Building Material

AUA Research & Study

Research and studies on the Asian architecture

In order to define the Asian architectural culture in a systematic and comprehensive fashion AUA conducts research and studies for the theory of urban planning and architectural design in time series, and regularly publishs achievments of them into a AUA Journal.
In addition, AUA conducts joint and consignment research with research institutions in Asian country. And AUA promotes to publish the common text book of architectural design for the students, and theory of Architectural design and urban planning in Asia.

Types of Publication
・Contracted Research, Survey
・Funded Research, Survey
・Commissioned Research, Survey
・Entrustment of Investigation

Planning for Publishing
<Asian Architecture>
・Traditional Architecture Ⅰ
・Modern Architecture Ⅱ
・Contemporary Architecture Ⅲ
<The Common text in Asia>
・Architectural Design

・Structral Design
・Material & Detail
<Theory in Asia>
・Architectural design
・Urban planning
<Tropical Architecture in Asia>