Baptist Church in Bao Loc, Vietnam
AUA is proceeding with the project of the Baptist Church in Bao Loc, Vietnam. The roof and wall
of present church was made of tin. The inside of the church is so hot and the size is small for the
number of Baptist. That was the reason that the pastor asked AUA to rebuild by donation and
connected MOU with AUA.

Now AUA is raising fund and designing for this church with a program of chapel and study room,
living room, kitchen, dinning room, toilet, parking for cars and motorbikes.
The concept is modern tropical architecture. It focuses on the roof with free wall. These roofs have
different height segmenting space.

Location:Bao Lam District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
Project Name: Baptist Church, Bao Loc
Site Area: 1600m
Project Year: 2019

Unbuilt Project

My Lai Memorial Park, Vietnam
This project is memorial park to memorize the people who was killed in Vietnam War and to send the message of peace from
My Lai toward the world. It is located in My Lai viaage, Quang Ngai Province which is in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam.
The site is divided into 4 areas, which are exhibition space,and education space, media center, amenities. And the center of it is
the square where the memorial events will be held.

Process of Project

AUA is basically carrying out the project of architecture with the process as in the below figure 1. But it can be changed
depending on the country. And the project of masterplan will be added more with following 5 phases.


Project Collaboration

AUA normally carries out the project with AUA members who are mainly general manager in each country.
But AUA collaborates with other company or architects connected MOU when we need something special
career, or high technology. In that time AUA involves in the projects with 3 kind of patterns as in the below figure.

Pattern 01. Design Collaboration

When AUA is requested special career or higher technology from developer in Asia, we will
collaborate with experienced design office or company related to infrastructure, or landscape
design company, structure design office while we are designing.

Pattern 02. Consultancy

When AUA is requested investment consulting from developer in Asia, we will
consult for investment between developer and investor.

Pattern 03. Project Proposal (Design & Consultancy)

AUA will propose and start up a project with very creative idea to developer and investor.
After they agree with us, AUA will proceed this project with design. This type will be best.


AUA takes an interest in sustainability, and environment in architecture. In Asia, these issues
are the prime concern.
AUA will provide a information on them including material, furniture in architecture and also
hot topic in the building and art.